Kadampa Buddhism in North Carolina

Welcome to the Website of Kadampa Buddhism in North Carolina


With lakes, mountains, beaches and beautiful cities, North Carolina is one of the most externally beautiful states in the US where it is easy to find places of external peace and tranquility.

Many people in North Carolina have material success and wealth and the resources to enjoy the external beauty, but still experience unhappiness, dissatisfaction, anger, relationship dificulties, and the pain of disappointment in never finding a happiness that lasts or is unchanging.

Happiness and suffering are both states af mind and cannot be found outside the mind.

Through meditation and training the mind to cultivate real happiness and abandon the causes of unhappiness we can definitely find the lasting peace we long for.

At Kosala Buddhist Center in the Triangle, Vajradhara Center in Charlotte, and a branch class from KMC South Carolina located in Asheville, we offer meditation instruction; teachings on Buddhist view; study programs for different levels of experience; opportunities for Buddhist practice with chanted meditations; and other devotional activities.

Everyone is always welcome to visit our centers and drop in to our general meditation classes or chanted meditations.  Please check the above links for the most convenient location and listings for upcoming class and workshop dates and times.

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